Winter in the Lötschental

During winter the Lötschental is one of the most snow-secure ski-areas of Switzerland (up to 3200 m) with 14 ski slopes (among them the two desecnts to Kippel and Wiler) and 6 ski tows. It is a very challenging area for both adults and children. Because of its size it is very good possible for children to find their way on their own when they have allready some ski experience. There is an exellent ski school (Cool School) with very nice and well educated teachers. Ofcourse you can also find several lovely restaurants to make your day in the mountains complete.

Cross-country skiing is also possible in the Lötschental; one can go from Kippel up to Fafleralp.

Even if you are no wintersportsman you will surely enjoy making winter-walkings in the real winter wonderland; it is like walking into a Christmas card!

Winter 2018-2019

Information Winter 2018-2019
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